About MyDealership.org


MyDealership.org is a digital media initiative by America’s local new car and truck dealerships, designed to show the benefits of local dealerships to consumers, local communities, and car manufacturers.

  • Consumers benefit when local dealerships compete for their business, saving their customers hundreds of dollars on each purchase. Local dealerships also compete on financing and service, leading to extremely competitive loans and high quality service by certified technicians any time, virtually anywhere in America.

  • Local communities benefit from the 1.1 million plus jobs created by local dealerships – averaging more than $69,000 in average compensation across occupations, more than are created by automobile manufacturers! And communities benefit when local businesses like dealerships develop roots and give back.

  • Manufacturers benefit from the free distribution and massive competition dealerships create for their products.

 Bottom line, local dealerships want to create customers for life. And when local dealerships compete, everyone wins.